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October Newsletter

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LNBC Directory

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The directory is provided to assist you in finding a partner. If you wish to be removed or have any changes or additions please email Vicki Cornwell at

Reminders for Players

Please review these reminders and keep them in mind as you play.

ACBL Guide to Commonly Used Conventions


We don’t want to jeopardize our good fortune of being able to hold our games at Town Hall so we are pleading with everyone to please clean up, be it in the playing area, restrooms or outside the building.

Board Members

The LNBC board members are listed below. Any suggestions, comments, complaints, etc., should be directed to one of the board members.


Good news and bad news….the good news is that our games have grown; the bad news is that parking has become a problem. In order that Town Hall may conduct it's normal business they have requested that we not park in the visitor parking spots, carpool, when possible, and for those that are physically able, to please park in the Food Lion parking lot. We don't want to lose our playing facility, so whatever you can do to help out will be greatly appreciated!


There is a non-sanctioned game held at the Cultural Arts Center on Hwy 115 in Huntersville every Friday morning at 9:30. For more information please call David Walter at 704-274-5143. This is a fun game for everyone and especially those people who are just getting into duplicate.

Thanks again to everyone for the snacks!!

Thanks to all of you that have made cash contributions and brought snacks. The money from the coffee fund and contributions pay for coffee, tea, sugar, creamers, paper products and snacks, etc.

Questions??? Comments!!!


Ella Rice (Partnerships) 980-254-1884
Joe Pepe 901-409-7733



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